Android Applications


Now in this century, the use of mobile phones is growing day by day, and people mostly depend on mobile applications for their needs. Different types of games, entertainment, educational, and informational work are done by the use of mobile applications. So the use of android and IOS increased day by day. Customers demand lightweight, unique, fast, and effective web applications. Global Xoft builds a secure, unique, user-friendly, and lightweight application of user choice. Discuss your idea with us or let us make some cool ideas to grow your business.

We are Expert at creating

Mobile Games

In the application development market games development has become one of the fastest-growing trends. We have experience in creating exciting games and can create games with a reasonable budget and time. Global Xoft create ad upload games in both functional & non-functional features.

Native App Development

Some applications that are particular to the operating system such as IOS and android are called native apps. These apps are more secure, user-friendly, fast, flexible, and responsive. If you want native app development let us give the chance to develop a native app with exciting features for you.

Progressive App Development

Progressive app development is another application that allows the user to use the functionalities of native apps on every operating system. Progressive app development work with high speed, accuracy, simplistic, responsive, and offline user experience. For progressive app development service contact us, we provide our best with customers' demands.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid application is another type of app development that contains the feature of both native & progressive app development. It allows the user to install apps on any operating system and device. Due to this hybrid applications become more usable and user-friendly with accuracy & speed. Global Xoft offers its high-quality hybrid application development services.

Social App Development

Global Xoft has the ability to use its deep knowledge and skills to develop social media apps. Our team can create social media apps that are accurate, high-speed, user friendly as well as responsive. High-quality social media apps have the ability to attract millions of users. Give us a chance to develop a social media app for you.


To manage the company’s interactions with the potential and current client's customer relationship management service Global Xoft provide the best and most affordable CRM services.

How we create Best IOS & Android applications:

Deployment & Maintenance

For post-deployment and maintenance at your disposal, our dedicated staff supports you. We are also committed to deploying fully functional & excellent quality applications to meet your needs.

Planning & Designing

Planning and designing is the first and fundamental step and for collecting functional and nonfunctional data we interact with you. We analyze your idea to get a clear picture or brainstorm an idea. As soon as an idea is finalized, we work further and start UI/UX design.

Development & Testing

Global Xoft adopts the development and testing approach which helps to eliminate errors. This service also enhances accuracy as well.