Web Designing Frontend Course

Web design and development is a fast-growing field in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. More technologies are being introduced rapidly, and we need to keep ourselves up-to-date to compete with others in the market. We at Global Xoft Institute offer you guaranteed expert-level training in the field of website design and development. You will become a professional web designer and web developer in the given duration.

The key elements of this course are

Basic of web designing

  • Introduction to website designing
  • Web Server and Web Browser
  • Tools and Editors
  • Static website VS Dynamic website
  • Comparison of Different Languages and Tools


  • HTML and XHTML
  • Elements & Attributes
  • Headings
  • Adding and formatting Paragraph Text
  • Formatting your website template
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Buttons in your website
  • Images and their usage
  • Image mapping
  • Tables and their different usage in web designing
  • Bulleted Lists and their professional usage
  • Forms and Interface Designing
  • Creating custom colors using Color codes
  • Frames with professional implementation
  • Formatting text and using different Fonts
  • Adding page information for Google and other webs using Meta tags

CSS 3.0

  • Different methods of creating styles
  • Different Coloring options
  • Creating and formatting professional Background Effects
  • Advance Text effects
  • Positioning objects with different Display levels
  • The CSS Box model
  • Working with Floats
  • Using Borders with different effects
  • Understanding CSS Outline
  • Working with Margins and Padding
  • Professional usage of Lists
  • Using the z-index
  • Creating complex website layouts
  • Color Gradients
  • Creating your own drop-down menu in CSS
  • Responsive Website Designs using CSS 3.0
  • Using Custom fonts in your website designs
  • Creating different themes for your website


  • Coding conventions
  • Embedding JavaScript in HTML
  • Usage of variables in your program
  • Statements, operators, and relational expressions
  • Using Loops (while and for)
  • Arrays and their uses
  • Working with Events
  • Popup windows
  • Creating custom slider
  • Defining and invoking functions
  • Runtime style using DHTML
  • CSS class switching
  • Creating and removing HTML contents in Run-Time
  • Simple Animation using JavaScript
  • Professional form validation techniques using JavaScript (mini project)
  • Creating basic animation using JavaScript (mini project)
  • Professional Form validation effects (mini project)


  • Understanding bootstrap grid system
  • Creating responsive layouts
  • Bootstrap Typography
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Messages
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Drop Down Menus
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Pagination
  • Bootstrap List groups
  • Bootstrap Wells
  • Bootstrap Slider
  • Working with image galleries
  • Using different themes
  • Working with Font Awesome
  • Project: Creating a complete responsive website layout using bootstrap

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